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Telerik Academy Alpha is our new 6-month program that will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to jumpstart your IT career. Do you want to join the ranks of another 4700+ ninjas whom we have trained? You’ve come to the right place at the right time.

Application for the next admission to Telerik Academy Alpha starts in October 2017. If you have little to no programming experience, you can leverage the next few months and the information below to get yourself ready for the entrance exam. Already have what it takes? Test your skills here.

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  • Is this for you?

    If you're looking for a job but have little or no programming knowledge, are a tech student or alumnus, a junior developer or an expert in another field who has fundamental programming skills and zero work experience, you can now use the next 3 months to get ready for the application process to Telerik Academy Alpha in October. You also need to be 18 years of age or older. Due to the format of the program, it will be very difficult to impossible for you to maintain a full-time job while attending Telerik Academy.

  • How you can prepare for the exam

    You can choose between one of two tracks and become a full-stack .NET or a JavaScript developer. Depending on your choice, you have to pass an entrance exam on C# or JavaScript fundamentals, respectively. To ace our exam, make sure you spend the next 3 months reviewing our online resources - video lessons, assignments and other materials.

    Also, don’t forget to check out our FAQ for more information.

  • Timeline:

  • Jul - Sep
    Self-prepare for exam
  • Sep
    Join onsite meetups
  • Sep - Oct
    Submit CV and cover letter
  • Oct
    Exam and Interview
  • Nov

    Program starts
  • Apr, 18



What you'll learn

Our intensive 6-month training will equip you with in-demand skills and hands-on experience to make you highly competitive on the job market. In addition to developing tech skills, the program will also amplify your soft skills and help you master valuable techniques for faster and more efficient learning.
You can now decide if you want to become a full-stack .NET or JavaScript developer by choosing between these two tracks. Upon graduation, you will be ready to jumpstart a successful career within our partner network.

.NET Track

  • C# is among the most widely used and popular programming languages in the world
  • .NET developers are widely sought after in Bulgaria
  • .NET is leveraged for web, desktop and even mobile app development, which makes your skillset applicable across a variery of roles on the market
  • The .NET framework is developed and backed by industry leader Microsoft

Want to start your .NET adventure? We’ll walk you through courses in advanced C#, object-oriented programming, ASP.NET MVC, unit testing QPC, design patterns, data structures and algorithms, databases, JavaScript fundamentals, HTML, CSS and DOM fundamentals. Find a detailed curriculum here.

JavaScript Track

  • JavaScript tops latest programming languages rankings
  • There is an abundance of career opportunities for JavaScript developers in Bulgaria
  • JavaScript can be used to create all kinds of applications: web, mobile and desktop
  • You can build full-stack JavaScript applications with Angular and Node.js

Eager to become a JavaScript ninja? Our program will introduce you to JavaScript (JS) modules, front-end development, jQuery, AJAX, HTTP, as well as Angular and Node.js, HTML, CSS and more. You can find a detailed curriculum here.


Why join Telerik Academy Alpha?

  • Take advantage of our world-class education at no cost

    8+ years of experience in tech education and unparalleled track record of our alumni successes sound convincing? Take advantage of these by only investing your time and effort.

  • Gain in-demand knowledge and skills. Faster

    Starting with only basic programming skills, you can turn into a ninja software developer in just 6 months with our accelerated program.

  • Benefit from an innovative teaching approach

    Telerik Academy seasoned trainers will use best practices and elements from leading teaching methodologies to put teamwork and hands-on projects front and center.

  • Receive personalized training that builds on your strengths

    Traditional lectures will be replaced with a personalized and interactive teaching approach where our trainers serve as your mentors and coaches.

  • Take an industry-recognized certificate to your next job

    Upon graduation, you will receive a certificate of completion, proving that you possess in-depth software development skills.

  • Jumpstart your career in the tech industry

    Benefit from our partner network to land a successful career in software development upon graduation.

Program Details

What is expected of you?

  • Prerequisite

    In October, you must show basic knowledge of C# or JavaScript programming and good English language skills. No previous experience in the IT industry is expected of you.

  • Commitment

    The intensive program requires 100% onsite participation. You are expected to commit to an average of 20+ hours per week and additional time for self-preparation.

  • Schedule

    Your lectures will be held daily, Monday – Friday, at the Telerik Academy learning center in Sofia. To recharge your batteries, you will have 3 weeks of vacation.

  • Duration

    Your training will start in November and is expected to finish in April.

  • Language of instruction

    Courses are conducted in Bulgarian, but all learning materials are in English.

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